~California Love~


I remember when I was a kid summer time was always a time of fun, relaxation, and hangin’ out with your best friends. As I got older it definitely wasn’t fun all the time, but it was still a time to get away from school. Now that I am a working woman, summer feels like just another day. I get up, go to work, work, come home, eat, then sleep (SO MUCH FUN RIGHT!?).

Getting in the routine can sometimes be daunting. I mean come on it’s summer! I should be partying it up on some tropical island (throwback to last summer:)) with my best friends! Well, we all know as we get older and start working we have to work hard and earn that money to be able to have the option of going places whenever we want. So after working my booty off I spontaneously went online, picked a flight and bam! I was off to LA to visit my lovely sister and mother 🙂

LA has been a summer vaca spot for me for the last few years and every time I go I still get an amazing feeling when I hop off the plane! I’m definitely more of a laid back person and would rather live on the beach (don’t ask me how I got on the east coast haha) but since I can’t have it all, I find my oasis in the City of Angels. Whether it’s being super touristy and going to Universal Studios or to walk along the stars or finding a super quaint museum hidden in the many mountains of LA, you will always feel at ease on your sweet adventure.

I don’t know what it is about LA (even though it can still be pretty fast paced) I find a beauty and charm in it’s cool breeze and sunny skies. I’ve learned that sometimes you have to get away and enjoy what you want to create your own happiness and that’s what I do. I find life in places I love and enjoy. That’s how I CMOB (create my own beauty)  🙂 -whit


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