Sounds of the City

Music. When I envision music, I see how it heals, calms the soul, brings out joy, how it can mend any situation. In other words it’s simply amazing. My wonderful friend Julia and I set out on an conquest to see at least two small/lowkey concerts in NYC this summer that we could unleash our love for music on. When thinking about who I wanted to see, I immediately thought of my favorite music group, Thirdstory (insert heart eyes). They are a perfect trio of guys that harmonize so beautifully, your soul will cry tears of happiness. We saw them in late June at Warsaw in Brooklyn and it couldn’t have been more of a jam packed show. Two other amazing artist opened up for them and took us, the crowd, on a journey. It was filled with ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, and with a whole lot of fuck yous because who wouldn’t want to say fuck you to a horrible ex? Haha. Both artist held their ground with Thirdstory and made the night super enjoyable. I really am just glad we had a chance to see them again because Julia and I perviously saw them in December and still had post concert depression, so what better way to cure that then jammin’ out at their concert!

Juls picked an artist that did not disappoint either. His name is Jaymes Young and to be honest I have never heard of him before (just like Juls with Thirdstory the first time), but oh boy does he have some relatable songs! His opening act was a singer/songwriter also who did not let down. His music was raw and playful, which definitely started the show off right. Then Jaymes Young came on (insert heart eyes again). He is actually a very funny guy and was making the crowd laugh all night between songs. His songs are so fresh, fluid and fun. If you want to just feel the lyrics I would highly just sit and listen to his songs Habits Of My Heart, Feel Something, Stoned On You and We Won’t. I just gave you a solid jam sess so be grateful 🙂

Living in NYC this summer has been so much fun. I am so grateful to have a friend like Juls who shares a wonderful love for music like I do. These artist especially know how to speak to one’s soul and really show that music is just another form of expression. My love for music takes me back to day where it would be only reason I would get out of bed or some days the only thing that kept me smilin’ 🙂 I believe that music heals and that’s why I love having it in my crazy life. No matter what it will be there with no judgement and only welcoming arms. Music has made me into the person I am today and has definitely been my beauty in clouds of darkness. Use it to find your sunshine and to help you discover happiness because life is too short not to enjoy every moment! Remember, beauty can be in the ears of the beholder. CYOB friends 🙂 -Whit

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