Finding the “Good” in Goodbyes


A goodbye is something I personally dread. I have said a lot of “goodbyes” in the last month or so and it’s kind of taking a toll. I never really thought of my myself as an emotional person, but ever since freshman year when my best friend Laura and I balled our eyes out leaving each other for the summer, it kind of stuck. Ever since then, every goodbye whether it’s to family, friends, or co-workers just sucks. It’s that simple.

Like I said earlier, I’ve had some tough goodbyes recently- one was soccer. After countless memories, friends and teams that turned into family, and 16 years of playing the game, I couldn’t fathom the fact that I had to let go of something I loved because of my concussion. It was a really hard decision because for a while I couldn’t see my life any other way. I have had countless injuries over the years, like many other athletes, but my last concussion just changed me emotionally, physically, and mentally. Even though I only had two more years of playing soccer, I just couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen if I got another concussion and what that would mean for my future. It seemed like the one thing that was supposed to give me joy, gave me anguish and confusion, which made me realize that my future well-being and recovery should be put first. With that, I am finally starting to feel like myself again and I am so happy. I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason and it’s okay to let go. Adjusting to my new life is taking some time, but I feel like I made the right decision and no matter what, life goes on and everything will always be okay.

Similar to soccer, I have been working with The Walsh Group (the best company ever!) for the last 8 months. This past week, my co-op came to an end. I have been immersed in the construction industry and have been able to learn an incredible amount, but I have also made some long-lasting relationships. I never knew how much work takes over your life. After a certain amount of time you start to get to know everyone and they begin to feel like family. There would be many weekends were I would wake up at 4am just to make it to work by 6am. Although at times it sucked, these were the hours I really got to know my crews and it seemed like I got paid to hang out with really great people. My co-op experience just confirmed my love for civil engineering and it just made it that much harder to leave. It’s crazy how time really flies and I think everyone would agree if there was anyway we could stop it when life was perfect, it would be amazing. Unfortunately that can’t happen. So, all we can do is enjoy every minute of every moment with a grateful heart. For all my friends that use faith to get through life, I found an excerpt in a blog post from Delight Ministries. It really stuck with me in regards to goodbyes.

“I am so thankful for a summer that is so hard to leave behind, for the people who have loved me and I have come to love. I am so thankful for all the ways this summer has challenged me, encouraged me, grown me, taught me, and brought me joy. 

But I am also thankful to be learning how to leave. Who knows what lies ahead? More places that will be hard to leave behind, more people to love and be loved by, more places that challenge, encourage, teach, grow, and bring joy? With God as the one guiding the movements of my heart and feet, I’d say the chances are good.”  – @jacquelinewinstead

With that, I just want to say it is okay to feel sad or upset when you have to say goodbye in any situation. In life, we are going to have many goodbyes, but you have to remember there will be many hellos in return. Trust your heart and realize that you have a purpose in life. You should always follow your dreams and don’t let anything get in your way. I hope everyone experiences things that make them happy and uses those things to create their own beauty!